Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear 4 season tents

I was very fortunate that my first job in the outdoor industry was with Mountain Hardwear. The founders of Mountain Hardwear were kind, patient and mentored me on how to become a designer.

A big part of tent design is knowledge of fabrics. Tent fabrics must be engineered for purpose. We were the first to use super durable Titanium Dioxide coated fabrics, super lower stretch mylar laminated Xply as well as microporous waterproof breathable fabrics.

Mountain Hardwear 3 season tents

I started in customer service, then worked in quality assurance and later tent design and development. I worked with legendary tent designer Martin Zemitis, designing & developing all Mountain Hardwear tents. As my knowledge and experience grew, I started designing much of the line. We were the first in the world to offer tents with a water tight guarantee, with no seam grip necessary.

Mountain Hardwear Super-light Tents

I was very fortunate to be allowed two design and develop custom fabrics, coatings and trims to meet the strength and weight goals of super-light tents. We brought to market the world’s first 25D hollow core fabric. It was the perfect balance of lightweight performance, warmth and strength.